TurkeyTail Farm

TurkeyTail Farm is a family farm serving Butte County. We are a diversified enterprise dedicated to providing high quality food to a local community. We look to promote appropriate technology, ecological farming, and energy-wise food production. Our goal is to become a model of practical and profitable, ecologically conscious agriculture in the north state.



duck EGGS

Pasture Raised lamb



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up for farm share? Read more about our share and fill out the application at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeFz9m60fvok2Dj5KWpczbIRn1kwg1SYIMqV0_pIdqdZNX-vA/viewformt


How do I receive my share? We deliver your share to your front door. We only deliver to Chico, Ca. Deliveries are every Friday between 10-2pm. We ask that you leave a dedicated cooler out for drop off. We ask $2 fee each delivery. If you live in the Concow area we have the option to pick your share up from our drive way for no extra charge. If you forget to pick up your share we will hold it for you for next week. No worries, we get life.


Can I substitute one thing for another in the share? Yes. You can opt out of one item. All shares come with pasture raised lamb and pork, organically fed duck eggs, oyster mushrooms and flowers. If you are not a fan of one of these items we encourage you to try our meats, eggs and mushrooms and then make your decision.


When can I pay? You have to pay when you pick up. No money, no share. You can pay in advanced either by the week, month or the whole three months. We can take cash, check or card, Venmo and Paypal.