Gourmet Mushrooms

We raise our mushrooms on certified organic rice straw and site-harvested oak wood, with no GMOs. We endeavor to farm our mushrooms with low impact/low energy methods, resulting in a product with a smaller carbon footprint than commercially grown mushrooms. 

We primarily grow Oyster Mushrooms, but also have seasonal varieties like Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Black Pearl, as well as medicinal mushrooms like Turkey Tail and Reishi. These mushrooms go to our CSA and local restaurants, but also are made into medicinal powders, tinctures, and teas.

Mushrooms are nutritional powerhouses. Mushrooms are high in minerals, B-vitamins, antioxidants, protein, and fiber. Mushrooms contain up to 30% protein and have a significant amount of B-complex vitamins — almost as much as meat (this includes the B12 vitamin that is so essential to a vegan diet). The cell walls of mushrooms contain a special form of polysaccharide called beta-glucan. Beta-glucans are powerful immune-modulators. Research over the last 5-10 years have demonstrated a diversity of immune-enhancing actions including increased resistance to viral, bacterial, and final infections, restoration of damaged bone marrow, treatment of cancer, and to help “reboot” our immune system overall. To maximize the nutritional accessibility of beta-glucans, mushrooms should be thoroughly cooked.

Our fungal endeavors are not limited to food production. Using regionally grown straw and woody debris from the Camp Fire we are able to grow for our community AND heal the land, all thanks to magic of fungi.

In 2018 after being impacted by the Camp Fire, we launched an effort to prevent the spread of toxins in our community. This program is called butte remediation …

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