Gourmet Duck Eggs


Ducks at sunset.


We love ducks. They are sweet, lovable and easy to take care of. We have blue and tan runner ducks, magpies, peking and khaky campbells. We saved 60 out of 80 of our ducks from the Camp Fire in 2018.

We sell a dozen medium duck eggs for $10 and a half dozen for $5


Duck eggs are the new breakfast food. They taste just like a chicken eggs but they have so many more benefits. Duck eggs are larger 130 calories to 72 calories in a chicken egg. Duck eggs have more vitamins and minerals. I.E. selenium, iron, and protein. 9 grams of protein as of 6 in a chicken egg. Duck eggs leave your body more alkaline. Balancing your Ph. Were a chicken egg is an acid and leaves your body more acid. They are great for baking due to there extra albumen, the white of the egg and there yolks are a half dollar size and really orange. We feed Modesto Mills Non-GMO, soy free layer pellets and the are moved onto fresh ground weekly.

We sell our duck eggs at

New Earth Market Chico. 

Also, our weekly CSA, custom orders and deliveries .

Contact: Samantha Zangrilli at 530-591-0198 or info@turkeytailfarm.com

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