What is a Hydrosol?

Hydrosols are the pure water based solutions created when essential oils are steam distilled. Through this process a potent yet subtle form of medicine is created, one that is able to be ingested and applied to the skin. Hydrosols are ideal for use with children, pregnant women, animals and fragile immune systems.

How to use: Hydrosols are meant to be misted frequently through out the day to achieve either hydrated beautiful skin or preventing illness. Store hydrosols in the refrigerator for the best, longest possible self life. You can as well just leave it in your bathroom cabinet. Hydrosols last up to two years and have no added preservatives like alcohol or stabilizers.

We have 9 different varieties of hydrosols available through out the year. Each one is a unique potent form of medicine for your skin or your immune system.

Bay- Use as spray to prevent infection. Broad acting antiseptic, antibacterial, general tonic and immune booster. Use bay vibrationally just a drop to tumors or affected areas. Makes a delicious mouthwash and gargle for infections and general dental hygiene or bad breath. Also, can be used to deter moths in cupboards. Soak a paper towel in a cup of hydrosol and place bowl with towel in cupboard after cleaning infestation. Not available till Spring.

Eucalyptus- First line of defense against respiratory problems, infections, coughs, colds and chest infections. Great for doctors or nurses who are in constant contact with the flu. Good as a mouth or cough syrup on its own. At first signs of sickness hydrosol may be sprayed to the thoracic area and the tops of feet, to help reduce symptoms.  Antioxidant properties.  Not good for children under 4. Not available till Spring.

Rosemary- Decongests pores, toning and refining. Calms irritations, bumps, pimples and roughness from inside out. Toner for oily skin. In a steam or hot compress it helps bring impurities to the surface. Promotes health shiny hair. Strong antioxidant properties. 

For Toner: use spray on face and pat dry after a few seconds. 

For Hair : add to shampoos or conditioners or use undiluted as a scalp tonic after and between shampoos. Not available till Spring.

Lavender/Grappenhall – Ideal for every skin type on a daily bases. Regenerative effects on damaged or fragile skin. Make up remover. Mist throughout the day to combat excessively dry atmospheres. Great! for traveling on planes. Use to soothe sunburn, heat rash, sun stroke, bug bite and itching. Helps to prevent wind and temperature damage. Cooling and healing properties. Great! for children. Calm cranky moods and for a restful night sleep. Use for cramps. Use it undiluted in a compress on the neck, shoulders and forehead for headaches, tension and stress. Reduces inflammation. Not available till late Summer.

Immortelle/Helichrysum – Blood clotting properties. Wonderful for athletes and labor workers because of its anti-inflammatory properties. A must for after care for any surgery. Healing for incisions, needle wounds, bruising and detoxing the liver of anesthetic. Wonder for cleaning and healing tattoos and body piercings. Mouth wash for gingivitis. Helps heal scar tissue. Good for sensitive, mature or congested skin and helps heal ingrown hairs. Available now.

Lemon Verbena- Stress buster. Good for stage fright, nerves, knots in stomache. Helps boost confidence. Good for normal to combination skin. Great as an after shave. Available now.

Lemon Balm- Good for stress anxiety and children’s tantrums. Skin clarifier, calms rashes, irritations and eczema. Good for poison oak or ivy. Anti-aging and after sun care.  Available now.

White Sage- Smudging and healing properties. Use to cleanse and program crystals. Mist throughout the day to disperse negative energy. Very powerful use with respect. Available now.

Clary Sage– Women’s water. Gives skin a moist dewy glow. Toning for oily skin. Emotional support and a feeling of well being. Good for emotional trauma. Available now.

Where can you get it? We are now offering our unique line of hydrosols at both LiveLifeJuice locations. Find them in the fridge with the prepared food. Or you can order directly from us by e-mail or calling to place an order for pick-up or deliver to Chico or shipped anywhere in the U.S.A. Our hydrosols are also currently on sale. $10-2ounces.

E-mail: info@turkeytailfarm.com or call 530-591-0198 to order today!

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