Pig Program

Here at TurkeyTail Farm we raise naturally farrowed and grown heritage breed hogs. Our pigs are nested in deep bedding and raised out on pasture. They get to live all their natural piggy tendencies; snacking on acorns and pasture, and rooting up the ground below them. Our pigs also help us in our effort to make a fire-safe farm. While grazing the property they help with brush reduction, crafting natural fire breaks. 

We work with artisan butchers that give reverence to the pork we raise. When processing our pork we maximize the amount of bacon we can get from each pig and make sure we get all the quality cuts made to specification. With farm direct pork you get a level of assurance and quality not available anywhere else.

Cuts include: cottage and regular bacon, ham slice, deli sliced ham, ground pork sausage, ham hock and pork chops.

Pricing Example:  1.23lbs Ham @ $10lb=$12.30, 

1.94lbs bacon (cottage and regular) @ $10lb=$19.40 

 .8lbs pork chops @ $8lb=$6.40

1.01lbs ground pork @ $8lb=8.08 

Bulk orders of pork are welcomed. Or you can join our CSA for weekly pork deliveries.